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Over the past week, I’ve muttered the phrase “I never thought I would see this ever” a shit ton of times because I saw American Football play a live show. I nearly shit myself when I saw Mike Kinsella and both Steves (Lamos and Holmes) take the stage as if playing the first of three sold out shows at Webster Hall was just another ordinary gig in the bag.

But there’s another thing that prompted me to say that even more than before; the Royals swept the Orioles in the ALCS, have won 8 straight postseason games in a row so far, surpassing the 2007 Rockies (I miss that team) for most postseason wins in a row without losing a single game and they are now going against the Giants. Yes, I would’ve loved to see a 1985 World Series rematch with the Cardinals, as did the consensus, but anything that doesn’t involve the Cardinals and their fans is fine with me on all accounts.

I have one question that a lot of people have probably asked before I have: who the fuck, in all seriousness, saw this coming? I don’t even think the staunchest Royals optimist saw the playoffs coming. Maybe after last year’s unexpected 86-76 surge, yes, but on the other hand, they probably viewed this season as another ho-hum, been-there-done-that sub-.500 season of boredom (Met fans like myself can wholeheartedly attest). (Actually, over .500 sounds better.) George Brett and Hal Mcrae in their wildest dreams saw no white light at the tunnel. But hey, 50/1 odds to the World Series at the beginning of the season, no problem, I guess.

(By the way, if you betted the Giants and the Royals would go up against each other in the World Series this year, bet slip pics or it didn’t happen. Simple as that.)

I’m saying “who the fuck saw this coming?” in the best way possible, although, the way I’m initially saying it sounds detrimental. A team that doesn’t rely on power that hit the least amount of homers as a team this year (95 dingahs!) that also has absolute lockdown relief pitching is in the World Series and it feels awesome, because those are my favorite kinds of teams. Chicks dig the long ball, but I dig contact hitting, pugnacious base stealing and animated diving catches that involve Lorenzo Cain or strikeouts thrown from the actual Generation K (Met fans like me were cheated with the nickname, outside of Jason Isringhausen) of Greg Holland, Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera.

Of course, though. It’s just outlandish to realize that a team like the Royals, a team once full of Buddy Bell and Tony Pena’s henchmen, came out of the woodwork in pretty much one season. No longer will I remember the Royals by automatically thinking of 4th and 5th place AL Central finishes, David DeJesus, (although, David was pretty cool when he was there) Mike Sweeney (also a hitting god amongst men), Mark Teahen, Angel Berroa, Ambiorix Burgos (Met fans can also relate to that horror movie as well) et al.

If the Giants end up winning, then the Bruce Bochy-for-the-Hall-of-Fame discussion will probably be in full swing. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because there’s lots of validity for him to be considered. A few pennants, a couple of World Series titles, with the possible third one en route to the silverware case, not a bad case. Also, I might buy a Brandon Crawford jersey in the future, because anything Brandon Crawford related is the life of me when it’s not about Josh Thole Mets posters.

To see Mike Moustakas, who was an absolute shit storm in the regular season, getting re-assigned to AAA and getting called back up later on, clutching it up with home runs and epic diving catches in the dugout and at third base, is pretty cool. But, let’s just say the Royals win the World Series, I don’t think Dayton Moore would want him to come back or the majority of fans. Fans have been on such an emotional roller coaster with Moustakas. The moment you realize he was a second overall pick, something that’s truly unbelievable in all aspects.

Usually, I don’t give two shits about baseball drafts, unless, I look back at them. In all honesty, that’s the only time you should care about baseball drafts. If you watched a baseball draft and made it out alive (unless it’s any fantasy draft variant), congrats to you.

Funny (and sad) thing is, my second favorite team happens to be the Orioles and, although they were swept, it’s not like the sweep was a landslide sweep; all games were insanely close, it’s just that the power of late-game rallies (and Lorde jokes) took charge and set the tone of the series, which has been the theme of the Royals playoff run ever since they downed the A’s in the wild card game.  

This Royals team is living, empirical proof that frequently used rudimentary offensive baseball tactics and stellar pitching rule all (well, if they win the World Series, but still, yeah.) The 2014 postseason is the year of the bunt and sacrifice bunt. Ned Yost, of course, is the purveyor, but the Giants won on a sac bunt in Game 3. I SEE PARALLELS, DON’T YOU?

Maddy Bumgahdnah *New Yawk accent intended* James Shields, Tim Hudson, Yordano Ventura…man, so much awesome pitching in this series. Bumgarner fastballs and Ventura cutters are gonna be the main attraction for me pitching wise.

Somebody should place $50 on Travis Ishikawa hitting a walk-off to win the World Series. If that happens (124021040214/1 odds that it will, approximately), then that would definitely eclipse the awesomeness of Bill Mazeroski’s Game 7 walk-off against the Yankees.

The 2014 postseason has been a fucking blast. And now that two wild card teams are facing against each other in the 2014 World Series, make that the best postseason I’ve experienced in awhile.


"Thierry gives him advice, which is always important and Theo is a very intelligent boy. He understands very quickly when you tell him something and that’s why I think he can do very well in this position. I like what I have seen of Theo through the middle. It’s an interesting challenge (for him). I think he can take it on. He is now 23. I decided to play Thierry Henry at 23 through the middle because you have to learn a lot before." (Arsene Wenger, 2012)

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Forever etched in memory……Serena Crip Walkin on hoes during the 2012 Olympics in London


Forever etched in memory……Serena Crip Walkin on hoes during the 2012 Olympics in London

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THESE O’S AIN’T ROYAL! Yes, that’s KC pitcher Jeremy Guthrie in that t-shirt after Game 3. Really.


THESE O’S AIN’T ROYAL! Yes, that’s KC pitcher Jeremy Guthrie in that t-shirt after Game 3. Really.

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